Thaesia is an AI experiment in bottling your creative DNA.

Imagine an AI that maximizes your creative potential and allows you space to dream. An AI that externalizes your ideas just as you would by learning from your experience, opinion, and taste.

An AI that reduces your cognitive load and performs your intellectual labor, leaving you happier, more productive, and creatively fulfilled.

An AI that is trained by you, works like you, and is deployed by you.

We're starting with Limynal AI, a tool for automating routine tasks with the nuance and precision reflective of your unique approach, and continuously trained by your creative actions and decisions.

We help you capture your intellectual fingerprint and augment your abilities, while retaining ownership and control of your distinctive style.

Elevate your creative work

Dedicate your creative energy to enhancing the human experience, while your AI articulates your intentions and formalizes your ideas.

Diagram of Limynal AI structure where a base model is augmented with a personalization layer, and refined through user inputs

Amplify your professional growth

Every investment in your skillset also strengthens the capabilities of your AI, aligning its output to your experience and expertise.

Diagram of Limynal AI refinement and alignment through historical user decisions and continuous user inputs

Manage access and glean value

Your AI is an extension of your skills and capabilities. You retain the ability to decide who benefits, on what terms, and for what cost.

Diagram of Limynal AI licensing model where a user's personalized AI model can be licensed to multiple beneficiaries

Our approach

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